Exhibit List

Our science exhibits will cover up to 10,000 square feet. Each exhibit was custom built for quality and carefully selected to spark the imagination and answer everyday science questions. Many exhibits have a competitive theme, like our human reaction drag race. Others attract crowds with their wonder. Our bubble corral explains why we see a rainbow after rain, and keeps families spellbound, surrounded by rainbows. Excavate Aliens at our Alien Encounter, and change faces with your friends and family with the Morphing mirror. Touch large Plasma Balls and feel the electricity flow over your body, Try your hand at our steady hand testers, our exhibits are fun for all ages and we are always adding new exhibits to our collection so you get the best science event ever.

Bubble Coral

Put yourself inside giant bubbles with this family favorite.

Steady Hand Tester

Simple electric currents test your skill. We have 3 levels of difficulty – try your best at each level to have a steady hand and move the ring without closing the circuit and ringing the buzzer.

Tesla Coil

This exciting science gadget can send electricity over people to light a light bulb.

Plasma Sphere

Move your hand across the glass sphere to see the colorful electricity follow your hand. Don’t Worry, the glass is an insulator…

Phosphorescent Human Shadow Catcher

This amazing exhibit will capture your shadow. Just come inside press the button. As soon as the light flashes, your shadow will be caught.

Jurassic Adventures

Become a paleontologist and dig out dinosaur replicas at this popular exhibit.

I-See-You Mirror

Trade faces with a friend or relative. It’s so fun, it’s scary.

Liquid Crystal Touch Display

Place your hands on the different color squares and watch as the colors change like magic. This liquid crystal exhibit works because of the cholesterol in lambs wool. As your hand heats the liquid crystal, the molecules become alive to make the color change happen.

White Lightning Plasma Sphere

This electric ball is moving white lightning.

Bernoulli's Blower

Air pressure keeps the ball floating in the air like magic.

Giant Static Wands

Explore the magic of static electricity! Rub the tubes and watch the styrofoam balls move like magic.

Soccer Robot Wars

Play soccer with small robots.




Bernoulli's Blower

Air pressure keeps the ball floating in the air like magic.

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