Science in the Park



What is the daily schedule?

     9:00-9:10 - Sign-in

     9:10-9:20 - Welcome Celebration

     9:20-10:20 - Science Activity 1

     10:20-10:45 - Snack

     10:45-11:45 - Science Activity 2

     11:45-12:45 - Lunch/Group Games

     12:45-1:00 - Wrap-up Review

     1:00-1:10 - Sign-out


What will my child do throughout the day?

Science in the Park starts off the day with a safe and secure sign-in process with parent signatures required. After signing your child in, we will give you a pickup pass with your child’s name, which will be used to sign them out at the end of the day. Up next, we start the day off with a big welcoming ceremony, where we introduce our Teachers and Explorers to one another through a fun game. We then break away into our groups, divided by grade level, where we begin our first Science Activity. After creating their first project in Science Activity 1, our groups come together for a quick Snack and Teacher led game! Half way through the day, explorers begin their second hands-on Science Activity. After an exciting morning of exploration, our scientists need to re-energize with a healthy lunch and more group games! Almost the end of the day, our explorers now return to their groups where they will review the day’s activities and receive a graduation gift to remind them of their experience at Science in the Park. At the end of the day, our explorers must be signed out by a parent or guardian, along with the provided Pickup Pass. Our explorers always take home everything they design and build at camp so they can share the science fun with the whole family!


Is your child ready for our unforgettable science experience? We want every child that attends Science in the Park to leave with life long memories of their day with Discovering Science. To make sure your child is set for success; please take a look at the items below to make sure your child’s ready for Science in the Park!


What should I bring from home?


  1. A snack and a packed lunch are a must have for any curious explorer. With all the dietary restrictions these days, we believe it’s safest if you provide this for your child.
  2. We provide cold, bottled drinking water for all attendees, and encourage parents to send their child with a reusable bottle that can be refilled at our Hydration Station.
  3. Wear clothing that is ready for an active day! This includes close-toed shoes to make sure we can run and play games safely. Don’t forget to apply sun-screen!
  4. Make sure to apply sun screen to your child and feel free to send them with some to apply throughout the day.
  5. Do you have further questions about what to bring, or how to be better prepared? Send us an email and receive a fast response!




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Who is Discovering Science?

Discovering Science has been providing hands-on science education and entertainment to Southern California families, for over 30 years. Throughout our decades of passion for science we have developed an exciting and unique approach to teaching and discovery. We truly believe that hands-on learning leads to genuine understanding. We want all of our explorers, students, and all kids to get excited about science! We are so thankful for the opportunity to continually inspire tomorrow’s leaders. Discovering Science is looking forward to another 30 years of science education!


What is “Science in the Park?”

Science in the Park is a program for parents looking for a fun, safe, and unforgettable experience for their child. This exciting program is packed with tons of hands-on science experiments, group games, and massive amounts of FUN! Throughout the day, junior scientists will be amazed by interactive demonstrations, incredible building projects and an electric dynamic, like no other! We encourage our young scientists to think creatively, ask questions and find solutions! To make this the most exciting, and inspiring experience for every child, we hire only the most experienced teachers! Our amazing teachers’ use their countless years of experience to stay focused on your child’s safety and fun! For an unforgettable experience, join Discovering Science at the next “Science in the Park!”

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